Universities With Out-of-State Tuition Waiver – Best Universities (2023)

The best colleges that apply for out-of-state tuition waivers can get students into their dream schools for a fraction of the original cost. Fortunately, you'll find plenty of options to waive out-of-state tuition. However, most of them require an excellent academic background and top GPA scores.

If you're interested in getting into one of the best colleges in the country, we've covered 10 great schools in this guide. Each of these schools meets the following criteria:

  • Average annual expenses do not exceed $21,000
  • Median starting salary of at least $35,000
  • Courses accredited by accredited institutions

10 Best Colleges With Tuition Waiver Out Of State

1. Louisiana Tech University

4 years; Ruston, LA

Average annual cost: $11,304

Louisiana Tech University offers a unique opportunity for students seeking lower out-of-state tuition. That said, to be exempt, you must apply for and be accepted for the Bulldog Scholarship.

This price gets you a 46% discount on your tuition, making you pay slightly less than in-state tuition. For example, if your total annual tuition is $18,717, it could drop to $10,890 (approximately).

The premise of the Bulldog Scholarship is to give international students the opportunity to study at the same cost as in-state students.

To determine your eligibility, you must first submit an application. there are a few requirementsinternational studentsmust be met, including:

  • Minimum TOEFL and IELTS scores
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5
  • No repairs required after application

For more information on the Louisiana Tech Bulldog Scholarship and Out-of-State Tuition Waiver,visit this link.

2. Stanford University

4 years; Stanford, CA

Average annual cost: $12,894

Stanford University is one of the best universities in Americamost famous university.so you will find that it offers many options for students to lower their tuition fees.

Out-of-state students may be eligible for tuition, depending on parents' income. That income is based on household wealth, not equity or retirement accounts.

In most cases, Stanford offers tuition to students whose parents earn less than $75,000 per year. In other cases, tuition is waived for students whose parents earn less than $150,000.

With the help of these need-based scholarships, you can gain admission into one of the most prestigious universities at a fraction of the cost.

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That said, as an out-of-state student, you must apply for financial aid upon admission. You must also provide a social security number or ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) with your application.

For more information about tuition at Stanford University, you canvisit this link.

3. Harvard University

4 years; Cambridge, MA

Average Annual Cost: $13,872

Harvard University is one of the top choices for out-of-state students seeking tuition waivers. The impressive list of scholarship and financial aid opportunities makes it even easier to provide a top-notch education.

Like Stanford, need-based scholarships will be based on both parents' income. About 20 percent of Harvard families pay $0 for their child's education as long as they demonstrate financial need. Even if you don't get a 100% tuition refund, most families can only afford $12,000 a year to go to school.

To help international students apply for financial aid fairly, they receive the same assistance as in-state students. The school works with counselors to determine the individual needs of each out-of-state student.

they have anotherNet price calculatorThis way you can estimate how much financial aid you will receive. To learn more about how to qualify for financial aid to pay for out-of-state tuition at Harvard University,visit this link.

4. Georgia Institute of Technology

4 years; Atlanta, Georgia

Average Annual Cost: $14,974

Georgia Tech students are eligible for out-of-state tuition waivers. With the help of the Office of International Education, students who hold an F-1 visa but are experiencing financial difficulties may be eligible to apply.

That is, you must demonstrate during the application process that you are facing financial difficulties that prevent you from fulfilling your academic potential.

At Georgia Tech, out-of-state tuition waivers are limited and the application process is somewhat competitive. It is also not considered a scholarship, but a long-term solution to reduce financial burden.

In addition, out-of-state students may also consider other financial aid scholarships. For more information on out-of-state tuition waivers offered at Georgia Tech,visit this link.

5. Texas Tech University

4 years; Lubbock, Texas

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Average Annual Cost: $16,194

Texas Tech is one of several schools that offers tuition waivers to high-achieving students. International students, known as Competitive Scholarship Exemptions, can get scholarships to help pay for their education.

Like other programs, this waiver does not cover 100% of tuition, but reduces your tuition to the in-state level. This program is ideal for out-of-state students as this scholarship is applied for each academic year.

On average, students receive at least $1,000 to cover their costs, depending on the cost of your program. For more information on Texas Tech Competitive Scholarship waivers,visit this link.

6. University of Arkansas

4 years; Fayetteville, Arkansas

Average Annual Cost: $16,507

The University of Arkansas is a great school to consider applying to if you want to pursue higher education. As an out-of-state student, you'll be happy to know that they have a non-resident scholarship award, the New Arkansas Non-Resident Tuition Award, or NRTA.

This benefit is for US students who want more affordable fees and tuition from the University of Arkansas.

Using this program, students receive most of their tuition out of state. The premise is to make out-of-state and in-state tuition rates as similar as possible, significantly reducing overhead costs. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must first apply for admission.

The University of Arkansas helps simplify the application process because students do not need to submit a separate application. Instead, the school will look at your personal information and determine your eligibility. If you receive a subsidy, you will be notified via a certificate of residence.

For more information on NRTA for out-of-state students at the University of Arkansas,visit this link.

7. University of Texas at Austin

4 years; Austin, Texas

Average Annual Cost: $18,350

The University of Texas at Austin does not enjoy the extensive out-of-state tuition waivers that other schools do. Instead, it offers tuition fee waivers to students interested in a particular field. For example, it currently offers out-of-state tuition waivers for the College of Natural Sciences.

This exemption allows out-of-state students to pay tuition. However, students must meet eligibility requirements and they must apply for scholarships before in-state tuition is awarded.

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To qualify for this benefit, you must receive a scholarship of at least $1,000 from the university. It is also important to note that applicants must submit the form within the application deadline.

It is a highly competitive program as schools receive as many as 70 waivers each year and grant seven or fewer. That said, it can be a huge benefit in helping you lower your tuition.

For more information on the out-of-state tuition waiver at UT Austin,visit this link.

8. Texas A&M University

4 years; CollegeStation, Texas

Average annual cost: $18,919

Texas A&M University has elected to apply for a competitive scholarship waiver for out-of-state students, whether they are regular orgearprogram. Eligible non-residents must receive at least $4,000 in scholarships before they can apply for this reduced tuition fee.

Like many programs, this award aims to reduce out-of-state tuition to the cost of in-state tuition.

At Texas A&M University, you can be sure that this scholarship is very competitive. It is important to note that the state of Texas only receives a certain number of waivers each year to reward students.

Multiple steps are taken to determine an applicant's eligibility, such as demonstrating previously awarded scholarships, checking academic performance, and more. The program is unique in that academic prerequisites are only required in the first year of your application.

Texas A&M University does not consider GPA requirements to continue receiving out-of-state tuition in subsequent years of your studies. That said, you still need to maintain your $4,000 scholarship per academic year to receive these benefits.

For more information on the out-of-state tuition waiver offered by Texas A&M University,visit this link.

9. Kennesaw State University

4 years; Kennesaw, GA

Average Annual Cost: $18,522

If you're an academically strong student, Kennesaw State University's Out-of-State Tuition Waiver is for you. This award is exclusive to KSU Journey Honors students, which means you must have excellent grades to receive this award.

When applying to a university, you must also apply for the out-of-state tuition waiver. If you are accepted into the program, you will receive significantly reduced out-of-state tuition fees.

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As with other programs, your fees are the same as their national counterparts, which is ideal for reducing the financial burden of completing your degree. It is important to note that these waivers are limited each year and are available on a first come, first served basis.

One of the biggest benefits of this out-of-state exemption program is that students get a discount every year. Your sole responsibility is to maintain a good reputation with KSU Journey Honors College.

In addition, you must continue to meet a number of admission requirements, including:

  • Students must meet the requirements for legal residency in the United States.
  • Students must be classified as out-of-state students (for tuition purposes).
  • Students must be admitted to Kennesaw State University and KSU Journey Honors College.

Fortunately, the out-of-state tuition application process is relatively simple and quick. Most students receive notification of admission within one month of submitting their application. You can also renew the scholarship annually as long as you meet the eligibility and GPA requirements.

For more information on the out-of-state education program of Kennesaw State University,visit this link.

10. University of Alabama

4 years; Tuscaloosa, AL

Average Annual Cost: $20,917

The University of Alabama is a prestigious school, such as oneprive schoolThis helps make tuition more affordable for out-of-state students. Scholarship opportunities allow you to get significant discounts on your tuition fees.

The most popular option for out-of-state students is the UA Competitive Entrance Scholarship. In this program, students receive up to $6,000 per year in covered tuition. That said, it is important to meet specific deadlines to ensure that your application and supporting documents are submitted on time.

There are several other benefits, especially for out-of-state students looking for college tuition.

Students can receive up to $28,000 in tuition reductions using the Out-of-State Freshman Automatic Merit Scholarship. In these cases, students are expected to demonstrate academic excellence such as SAT and ACT scores of 1,600 and 36, respectively.

Some examples of well-known out-of-state merit scholarships include:

  • president:The Presidential Scholarship requires students to have an ACT score between 32 and 36, or an SAT score between 1,420 and 1,600. As a maximum exemption, students receive an award of $28,000 per year.
  • UA scholars:Students with ACT scores between 30 and 31 or SAT scores between 1,360 and 1,410 can receive up to $24,000 in scholarships. You must also have a GPA of 3.5 or higher to be eligible.
  • Basis of excellence:There are two foundations of excellence that offer scholarships to students. That is, you need an ACT score between 29 and 36 or an SAT score between 1,330 and 1,600. Students with a GPA between 3.00 and 3.5 can receive up to $15,000 in tuition per year.

For more information on the various out-of-state tuition waivers for University of Alabama students,visit this link.

Take advantage of the out-of-state exemption today!

Nothing beats having the best colleges that waive out-of-state tuition for students. You will be able to receive a top-notch education alongside your peers in the state, paying the same amount.

are you interestedto study lawWith a degree in economics from Harvard or economics from the University of Alabama, there are many opportunities to explore.

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