The Witcher Novels Lore and History Part 3: Lara Dorren (2023)

The Lore and History of The Witcher Novels Part 3: Lara Dorren


The Witcher Novels Lore and History Part 3: Lara Dorren (1)

The Witcher Novels Lore and History Part 3: Lara Dorren (2) Jedi | Hollywood scholar| December 21, 2022 |

TestPart 1this breakdown here andPart 2Here.


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The stories of every world, including the mainland, are littered with tragedy, love loss and lives cut short. However, few tragedies sting as much as the tragedy of Lara Dorren. This Princess of Aen Elle was born in Tir ná Lia, but her life was not filled with the usual free time bestowed upon the Princesses of Aen Seidhe. Lara's birth and life was nothing more than the by-product of the selective breeding experiments of the Elder Blood initiated among the Aen Elle by her father, King Auberon, upon seeing the return of Aen Seidhe. The motives may have been fear and the actions may have been hideous, but they produced the strongest form of Elder Blood, once seen with young Princess Lara.

Although little is known about her childhood, it is likely that experiments were performed on her to test her Elder Blood abilities, resulting in the more powerful Elder Blood gene she possessed. The nature of the experiments and horrors inflicted on him in his early life is unknown. Any genetic manipulation during this period, however, was the by-product of horrors beyond imagination. Despite this, Lara received an incredible education, her skills in magic and history reached abilities due to the prestigious title of Aen Saevherne.

When Lara reached adulthood, she was betrothed to the powerful sage Avallac'h in hopes that her offspring would manifest a stronger form of the Elder Blood gene. Their planned marriage may have been the by-product of a royal decree, but their relationship still managed to breed love. Avallac'h adored Lara and was willing to do anything to protect her and her eventual offspring, Ciri, with whatever he had. Although it is not known if Lara ever shared this love or not, she never showed malice or evil intentions towards Avallac'h. He just loved someone else.

As the bearer of the Elder Blood, Lara was able to freely traverse the universes with ease. The reason for the choice of destination is unknown, but on one such excursion, Lara ventured into the mainland kingdom of Aen Seidhe. While not based on tangible evidence, it is plausible to assume that he was curious about his evolutionary cousins, the Aen Seidhe, or about the homeworld of his servants, the humans. It was here that Lara met Cregennan of Lod, an incredibly talented human magician. Their relationship soon blossomed into love and passion, throwing aside any responsibility of race or parentage for any chance of togetherness.

While Aen Seidhe had no problem with their union, the humans greatly resented their union; it annoyed her. Both hiding from the Wild Hunt, who were probably sent to claim their princess, and from the people who wanted to put an end to the abomination that was their cause, these two lovers fled. Humanity's fury only deepened with the revelation that Lara was pregnant, a sacrilegious half-blood growing within her womb. With government support, Cregennan was charged with treason, sedition, miscegenation and elven sympathies, resulting in a death sentence. A group of people pursuing the lovers spotted them and murdered Cregennan, although Lara managed to escape.

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With their escape came a great blizzard such as the Northern Kingdoms had not seen in a long time. Lara struggled through ice and snow, fighting for every breath and step. Her soon-to-be-born son depended on his mother's strength. Before this abused and tormented mother could find sanctuary to safely deliver her child, the next generation cried out and demanded freedom. There, on a frozen, forested hilltop near the Redanian capital of Tretogor, Lara's final labors began. His final moments are described by the elves as follows:

"When a severe frost set in at night, on the wooded hilltop, Lara breathed her last and gave birth to a baby daughter, sheltering her with the remnants of the heat still flickering inside her. And though she was surrounded by blizzard, night, and winter, suddenly spring bloomed on the top of the hill, and fantastic new flowers bloomed. Even today, these flowers only bloom in two places: in Dol Blathanna and on the top of the hill where Lara Dorren stands. . . perished

So passed Lara Dorren, the Princess of Aen Elle. However, her daughter Riannon survived, and her lineage introduced the Elder Blood gene to humanity. Lara's death sparked a bloody war between humans and elves, deepening racial tensions and leading to immense atrocities committed by both races in the 13th century.

FALKA Y RIANNE | 1142 - 1176 AR

While no one embodies pain, heartbreak, and tragedy like Lara Dorren, neither does she embody villainy, betrayal, or violence like Falka, Princess of Redania. Before his notorious rebellion that left countless dead in horrid ways, Falka was sent to Kovir at the tender age of one by his father when he met a new woman to replace Falka's mother. Falka's mother wasn't the only one to be replaced soon, as Falka was also replaced as a princess and daughter in her childhood home. Cerro, the new queen of Redania, adopted Lara's orphaned daughter Riannon. Though not related by blood, Riannon was raised as one with the family and benefited from all the titles and power that such a position bestowed. As was customary in this position, Riannon was betrothed and married to a foreign king, the king of Temeria. Riannon may have started life as the shunned half-elf descendant of exiled parents, but she soon rose to heights befitting her mother's birthright.

Falka and Riannon probably never met as children and shared no blood. However, there was one common trait between these foster sisters: they both had a significant tendency to insanity. Riannon's later insanity came with a total detachment from reality, oblivious to the events happening around her. However, Falka's madness was much more tangible and devastating.

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Twenty-five years after her banishment from her rightful place as Princess of Redania, Falka returned with vengeance in her heart and bloodthirst in her soul. It is said that with his own hands he murdered his father, Queen Cerro, and his two half-brothers. That single violent night began one of the most devastating and bloody rebellions in history. Falka went down in legend as a bloodthirsty demon. Their banners carried violent decrees such as "death to kings“, „Death to the priests, the nobility, the bourgeoisie and all the rich," y "Death for Wizards." Some scholars believe this legend was an unfair nickname, and claim that it is more likely that Falka simply lost control of a mob. Regardless, his actions led to one of the bloodiest epochs in human history.

At the height of her rebellion, Falka maintained control of her generals and advisors with her feminine cunning while simultaneously giving in to her physical desires. From an unknown father she became pregnant with a bastard. At the same time, in a distant castle in Termeria, Riannon began to have twins. Falka's rebellion then came for Riannon's house. Riannon was imprisoned in Houtborg Castle with her children. With little inclination towards motherhood, Falka left her newborn son in Riannon's care, famously saying: "Only queens were worthy of the honor of breastfeeding my bastards.

This is where Riannon's madness set in, distorting her perception so much that she couldn't tell her twins from Falka's bastard. Even years later, when her insanity was cured, Riannon could not remember which children were hers and which were Falkas. When the rebellion was crushed and Falka was burned at the stake for her crimes, two of these children died, but no one knew which ones. Perhaps due to grief or her own insanity, Riannon too died, with no one able to distinguish the surviving child from the two deceased.

Centuries later, the surviving heir turned out to be one of Riannon's sons, not Falka's bastard. Through lost generations, tangled lineages of activating and dormant genes, and accidental incest, the Elder Bloodline descended over the decades from Lara and Riannon to Pavetta, Princess of Cintra and mother of Ciri, and the powers of the Elder Blood awakened within her.


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This ends the history ofThe Wizard, and thus begins the story of Geralt de Rivia, Cirilla de Cintra and Yennifer de Vengerberg. Yennifer was born in 1173 followed by the birth of Geralt a year later and Ciri was born in 1252wizardThe novels are set between 1248 and 1268. The plays follow immediately afterwards, from 1269 to 1275.


There's little hope that the upcoming Netflix prequelWitcher: Origin of the Blood, will follow the roadmap laid out for them in the Witcher stories and lore. Without a canonical conjunction of the spheres and a notable difference between the elves before and after the conjunction, the motivations of Aen Elle and the Wild Hunt will fall apart. Also, without this canon conjunction, the selective breeding that led to Lara's stronger Elder Blood abilities becomes meaningless, destroying any chance of Lara's story becoming canon. Without the most powerful Elder Blood gene in Lara's offspring, Wild Hunt no longer has any reason to pursue Ciri and force her into an incestuous relationship with Lara's father, the Elf King Aen Elle.

origin of the bloodIt may work internally, but it will surely destroy all continuity within the main linewizardtv show. The many events depicted in this breakdown of history cannot take place in a single time frame, as theyorigin of the bloodhas been confirmed to do so. The books remain pure, with lore and history logically following them. At least that's what fans can draw on, as they flatly reject the abomination that Netflix has become.wizardUniverse.

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What is the story of Lara Dorren in Witcher? ›

She was an elven sorceress who fell in love with Cregennan of Lod, a mighty human mage, after the Conjunction of the Spheres. Their union was very controversial for both races. After Cregennan died, Lara gave birth to their daughter, but died herself soon after, orphaning the child.

How is Lara Dorren related to Ciri? ›

Ciri got her Elder Blood through her genetic heritage, as she's a long-lost descendent of Lara Dorren (Niamh McCormack), a powerful Elf sorceress. Lara was supposed to marry another Elf sorcerer, so they could birth children so powerful that no other race could ever stand to Elfkind.

Who is Lara Dorren daughter? ›

After Cragennan died, Lara gave birth to their daughter, but died during childbirth, orphaning the child. Cerro, the queen of Redania at the time, adopted the half-elf girl and named her Riannon.

Is Avallach related to Lara Dorren? ›

Avallac'h was originally betrothed to Lara Dorren, and the two of them were meant to produce a powerful heir together, but Lara fell in love with a human man named Cregennan of Lod. Their love affair created an even deeper rift between elves and humans.

Is Ciri related to Falka or Lara Dorren? ›

From the official Netflix website: “[Ciri] is the descendant of Lara Dorren and Falka: fierce, remarkable women who were swallowed up by the men afraid of their power. Women whom Ciri is destined to avenge.

Why does Lara Dorren have Elder Blood? ›

What Is Elder Blood? Lara Dorren was a special Eleven sorceress who carried Hen Ichaer, which is more commonly referred to as Elder Blood - and it didn't die with her, as it was passed on to her descendants.

What was Lara Dorrens curse? ›

The child of Cregennan and Lara could have united humans and elves. But when they were killed, Lara cursed the two races. She commanded her daughter that she would bring wrath upon the world. The world would die amidst the frost and be reborn in the new sun.

Who is the father of Francesca's baby Witcher? ›

Voleth Meir persuaded Francesca to form an alliance with Nilfgaard, and she did so to protect her people, including her baby with Filavandrel — the first full-blooded elf to be born in years.

Does Ciri have children in the books? ›

Ciri's Child is the Supposed Child of Prophecy

According to Vilgefortz, however, Ciri is not actually the fabled child of elder blood. As if Ciri's powers weren't scary enough, supposedly her child will be the one to save the world form the white frost.

Who are the descendants of Lara Dorren? ›

Queen Calanthe, Pavetta, and Ciri are all descendants of Lara Dorren, with the power manifesting in Pavetta (seen in season 1 episode 4) and now Ciri. Her Elder Blood is the key to her manifesting abilities and the reason why she'll eventually become a target.

Why is Ciri's blood special? ›

Ciri has Elder Blood because a certain elven sorceress named Lara Dorren fell in love with a human mage named Cregennan of Lod. Their daughter, later adopted by Cerro, the queen of Redania, was named Riannon. Ciri is the descendant of Riannon. Ciri's Elder Blood is another reason the King of the Wild Hunt is after her.

Did Calanthe have Elder Blood? ›

The result was Calanthe, aka Ciri's grandmother, who had the main version of the Elder Blood running through her veins. She then passed it down to her daughter Pavetta, who gave it to Ciri.

Why does the elves call Ciri Zireael? ›

Cavill's Instagram post labels Ciri's medallion symbol as Zireael, which takes the form of a swallow. In fact, in Elder Speech, Zireael translates swallow. In the books, Zireael is a old gwyhyr sword forged by gnomes in Tir Tochair, and is given to Ciri as a gift.

Who is the descendant of the Lark? ›

Blood Origin also teases Jaskier as a long descendent of the Lark, which explains his musical talents, but also teases he'll witness the end of the Continent.

How is Ciri related to Riannon? ›

Riannon was the orphaned daughter of Lara Dorren and Cregennan of Lod, and thus the 4th great-grandmother of Ciri.

Who does Ciri marry in the book? ›

The trio departs Toussaint, and Ciri departs to meet the Lodge while Geralt and Dandelion head to Rivia. The Lodge claim that since Emhyr has married the "false Ciri", Ciri is unable to claim the Cintran throne; they plan to marry Ciri to Prince Tankred, the Kovirian heir, to bear the prophesied child.

Is Pavetta Lara Dorren? ›

Pavetta Fiona Elen was the granddaughter of queen Adalia and daughter of Calanthe and King Roegner of Ebbing. She was a Source; a descendant of Lara Dorren.

How did Duny become the White Flame? ›

Emhyr overthrew the Usurper and took the throne, and as he had his dead political enemies disinterred and used their gravestones to pave his ballroom, he became known as “The White Flame Dancing on the Barrows of his Enemies."

Who is the mother of Geralt's child? ›

Geralt of Rivia
FamilyVisenna (mother)
Significant othersYennefer of Vengerberg (lover) Triss Merigold (lover) Fringilla Vigo (lover)
ChildrenCiri (adopted daughter)
11 more rows

Are Pavetta and Ciri related? ›

Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, commonly known as Ciri, is the princess of Cintra, one of the Northern Kingdoms. She is the daughter of Pavetta and Emhyr var Emreis (Duny), and the granddaughter of Queen Calanthe of Cintra, a monarch known for her bravery, beauty, and resourcefulness.

Who is the mother of Geralt's daughter? ›

Ironically, Geralt became Ciri's adoptive dad because he saved her biological father. During The Witcher Season 1, the audience learned of the man that Ciri's mother Pavetta (Agata Buzek) fell in love with.

Is Ciri Pavetta daughter? ›

The timeline of The Witcher can be tricky to follow, so it's worth noting that Pavetta's daughter Princess Ciri (Freya Allan) isn't alive at this point and Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) is a smidge less embittered by a world that considers him a mutant and doesn't even pay him even when he gets the job done.


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