Scholarship guaranteed scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores (2023)

Scholarship guaranteed scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores (1)

You may have taken over the SAT or the plot and received a really good score, but you are not sure how to get more money.Or you may not have taken the SAT or the plot yet, but you ask you how important the tests are.One possibility of how you can optimally use your score is to find guaranteed SAT scholarships or guaranteed act scholarships.

In this publication we will show some of the high -sate scholarship scholarships and scholarships for high act values that you can receive.You can earn thousands of dollars of scholarships based only on the scores of your tests.To see curious how?We will show where you can get scholarships based on ACT results and scholarships based on SAT results.

Scholarships for act scores and scholarship scholarships

This publication focuses on scholarships offered by schools and universities.Why?Many private scholarships or even the employer of his parents.

Although we do not discourage them to apply for them,This publication focuses on scholarships that each student can automatically benefit from universities on his test and GPA reviews or class areas.

We will highlight some of the most sought -after universities and the best chances, but this is not a full list.We will also show you how to find this information for every university that interests you.

Automatic scholarships for national services

Before we enter the scholarships, we will also highlight another source of money that is mainly based on the test results: National Merit.

As we treated in previous publications,The national merit competition recognizes the best PSAT goal shooters (SAT practice) in every stateIf there is a 2,500 dollar scholarship that can win through the competition itself, you can also receive large scholarships from universitiesBy listing them as the first optionthrough national merits.

You can get everything, from a small scholarship to a complete trip, depending on the school.As a rule, public universities rather give more money for national merits, although there are exceptions.

For example, you can getA full travel scholarship at Idaho Universityand theUniversity of Oklahoma.

At Loyola University Chicago, a private university,You can do 2,000 US AndName Loyola as his first school with the National Merit Corporation.

However, this is only the tip of the Eisberg of the National Merit scholarships.To get more information about the sponsoring universities, you will receive.Read here.

Automatic scholarships based on SAT/Act results

Now we will highlight universities that will give automatic scholarships based on satellite/act results as well as qualification games such as GPA or class area.You do not have to send any additional application information for these scholarships, but in some cases you have to request a certain period to ensure the scholarship.Be sure to contact the website of every university that we will link to get complete information.

Automatic scholarships based on SAT/ACT values were earlier, but were more popular, butWith many universities that become optionalSome schools have changed to GPA -based automatic grants.However, a number continues to offer automatic scholarships based on test results.

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As a link, the schools that we go into details are here:

  • Florida A & M.
  • University of the Costa del Golfo de Florida
  • Texas Tech
  • University of Mississippi
  • University of Missouri
  • University of Tennessee
  • Utah State University

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Famu offers a respected program of academics that covers the registration costs for students in the state and outside the stateAt least 1400 in the new SAT (with a mathematical score of at least 700) or 32 in the law (with a mathematical score of at least 32) and a newly calculated GPA from FAMU of at least 4.0.

If you do not achieve the cut for the respected scholarship, you can receive the George W. Gore Assistanthip scholarship or the special presidential scholarship.The amount of the awards changes depending on the GPA and test results: test results:

BecaSaß or Bei mindkMinimal math assessmentFam g pa
George W. GoreSaturday: 1330 law: 29Saturday: 640 law: 293.75
Special president scholarshipSaturday: 1260 law: 27Saturday: 600 law: 273.5

Read more about scholarshipsOn the FamU registration website.

University of the Costa del Golfo de Florida

FGCU has scholarships based on the GPA and SAT/Act score.These scholarships are automatically taken into account if they apply for approval before November 1st.A separate scholarship application is not required!

BecaResidence requestSaß or Bei mindkMinimum weaponsOccupation granted per year
Gold of the PresidentFlorida residentsSOL: 1320 act: 283.9$ 5000
Silver presidentFlorida residentsSOL: 1220 act: 253.5$ 3000
Premio de Scholars blue and greenNot from FloridaSOL: 1320 act: 283.9$ 15.000
Blue and Green Directors AwardNot from FloridaSOL: 1220 act: 253.510.000 Dollar

Although applicants are automatically taken into account for these scholarships before November 1st, it is automatically taken into account,OfAlsoHave the opportunity to test again to take the Merit Award into account as long as the Sat/Act lasts before March.

Get more information about scholarships andThe application process on the FGCU website.

Tech of the University of Texas

These presidential scholarships are automatically and guaranteed if you request the priority application deadline on December 1st and approved in Texas Tech on June 1st.

Texas Tech scholarships are partially determined by their classification with greater weight in the SAT/Act values.With increasing satellite scene, the low class rank-the pupils with a satellite point number of more than 1200 or more than 25 years can receive a scholarship in a classification of 30%of the upper class, and students with a score of more than 1400 SAT or 31+ can receive a scholarship in a 40%classification of the upper class.

Scholarship guaranteed scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores (2)

Remember that a small increase in your action or satellite scene could increase your scholarship by 1,000 or more per year.Read more aboutThe scholarships on the TTU website.

University of Mississippi

At the University of Mississippi you can receive an academic earnings scholarship based on its GPA and SAT/Act score.On his approval website it says that "the entry into the first students in the first few years will be received at least 3.0 GPA of the secondary school. They are considered a minimum.R) or 25 acts for non-residents (1130 SAT or 1200 SAT-R). University of Mississippi.

The specific price amounts are currently based on ACT/SAT scores and GPA:

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Scholarship guaranteed scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores (3)

Scholarship guaranteed scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores (4)

Get more information in theScholarship of the University of Mississippi.

University of Missouri

The University of Missouri has a handful of scholarships that are automatic, based on the class area and the SAT/act point number.Here you can find more information about the scholarships of the University of Missouri.

BecaResidence requestSaß or Bei mindkOccupation granted per year
Chancellor PrizeMissouri residentsSaturday: 1360 law: 30$ 7.200
Premio curator -scholarMissouri residentsSaturday: 1230 law: 265.000 Dollar
Excellence priceMissouri residentsSaturday: 1060 law: 21$ 3.500
Mark Twain Prize (Nivivel 1)Residents who do not come from MissouriSaturday: 1300 law: 28$ 21.500
Mark Twain Prize (Nivivel 2)Residents who do not come from MissouriSaturday: 1130 law: 23$ 8.500

University of Tennessee

In order to be taken into account for the volunteer scholarship, you need a solid GPA and Act score.According to the website ”, our new volunteer scholarship program recognizes students with an exemplary academic records based on a combination of GPA values and evidence.Students input for the first year, request admission before December 15thYou are entitled "(although the test results can be sent by July 1, 2021). So take into account the early deadline and consult the amounts of the following scholarship:

Tennessee residents

Saß or Bei mindkMinimum weaponsOccupation granted per year
Saturday: 1490 law: 343.89.000 Dollar
Saturday: 1360 law: 303.85.000 Dollar
Saturday: 1300 law: 283.83.000 Dollar

Residents who do not come from Tennessee

Saß or Bei mindkMinimum weaponsOccupation granted per year
Saturday: 1490 law: 343.0$ 18.000
Saturday: 1360 law: 303.0$ 15.000
Saturday: 1300 law: 283.010.000 Dollar

Determine more information about the award inTennessee Stipendienseite.

Utah State University

At Utah State University there are automatic scholarships (as well as admission standards) based on a combination of GPA and SAT/Act score.The registration office has created tables for residents and non -residents with which you can see which scholarship with which it is a scholarship would be justified.

Scholarship guaranteed scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores (5)


Presidency100% registration and prices4 years
Der Dekane7,387 USD per year2 years
Taught$ 4,500 per year2 years
Earnings3.000 Dollar2 years

Scholarship guaranteed scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores (6)

No residents

Presidency100% registration and prices (around $ 47,000)4 years
Der Dekane23,305 US dollars one;7,387 US dollars two years2 years
Taught17.000 Dollar1 year
Earnings$ 15.0001 year
100 miles radius$ 11.5001 year
secure$ 11.5004 years

Note thatAn increase in a law or a 40 -point increase could be the difference between two years of full registration and a four -year scholarship for a full trip!

Read more aboutEntry and scholarships in the USA.

Scholarships with evaluation limits

Although many universities do not have automatic scholarships based on test results, GPA or class area, many of these factors use them as limit values for scholarships.Although the high results in these cases do not guarantee their scholarships, they are an important factor that must be taken into account.

Scholarship guaranteed scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores (7)

How when they were a child and they could not climb the Russian mountains in the theme park, they won't even look at some scholarships without the SAT/Act results being high enough.

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For example,Texas A&M offerSeveral scholarshipsBased on test results, GPA and/or class area.So such scholarships are guaranteed, even if you hit these minimum values?No, but it is not taken into account for you at all, unless your plot or satellite score is above a certain level.Many other universities have GPA cuts and points for taking scholarships into account.The higher you can achieve your results, the more likely you have to receive earnings scholarship.

How to look for automatic scholarships

Examples of previous scholarships are exactly that, examples!It is not a complete list of every university in the country where you can receive automatic money for your plot or satellite points.

How do you find this information?Search Merit scholarships.

Most scholarships for the tests of the tests and the GPA are earnings scholarships- In other words, they are based on their achievements, in contrast to scholarships based on the needs that are based on their proven financial needs.Look for pages with the title of scholarships "based on merit" or "academic".

Many schools and universities have separate pages for earnings scholars that set a simple search.If you don't see any, try to search for "scholarships/university university)" or "[name/university name/university] financial support".When you start in the university's financial assistance department, you will find information about scholarships (both earnings and based on needs) from there.If you cannot find online information, try to contact financial aids or registration offices in basic studies.

Take into account the following guidelines while looking for:

  • Make sure that the scholarships you have identified specially referred to for "a enter the first students".These are the scholarships that you promote for you as a student of the university.
  • See whether the university makes a name among state applicants and outside the state.In some cases, state universities do not provide major scholarships because registration outside the state is greater.There are also differences in the cutting requirements and numbers.
  • Check whether there are separate requirements or deadlines.The scholarship money is limited, so that in general there is better as soon as possible.

Use the following steps to search for automatic scholarships at one of the universities that interest you.

Step 1: Search "[Name of the University/University] Scholarships of earnings".

Scholarship guaranteed scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores (8)

I am looking for a university in my home state Utah.

I will start with the first result: "scholarships".This looks like the most general option and I would like to receive most of the information immediately

Step 2: Reference whether you qualify for one of the scholarships

Scholarship guaranteed scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores (9)

I see that all students for basic studies are automatically taken into account for merit -based scholarships, and they can also request additional scholarships.

Scholarship guaranteed scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores (10)

If you read this information, you do not seem to distinguish between resident and non -resident scholarships and can go to yourNetEstimation of the earnings scholarship price, for which it can be justified.

Step 3: Check whether you have to do something to apply

As I already mentioned, there is no separate application for scholarships in this case.

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You can repeat this process in any school that interests you, but remember that automatic scholarships are relatively rare (especially in more selective schools), so you can't find anything.

What's next?

Some schools do not have to earn -based scholarships, but with financial aid packages that are very impressive on the needs.However, these schools are often prestigious and better classified, so they are most difficult to enter.Develop an objective actionÖThe satellite score to be competitiveFor admission in competitive schools.

To avoid somethingThe most common mistakesTo increase your score.In addition, learnHow to improve a time -math score for painting.

Shoot perfectly?ReceiveStudy tips for your complete satellite scoreAnd reach all the goals of your test value.

Would you like to improve your satellite points for 160 points or your act score for 4 points?We have written a guide for each test on the 5 main strategies with which you must have the opportunity to improve your score.Spread them now for free:

Scholarship guaranteed scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores (11)

Scholarship guaranteed scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores (12)

Do you have friends who also need help with the preparation of tests?Share this article!

Scholarship guaranteed scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores (13)

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