PTE Scores Canada 2023: Best Universities & Visa Scores (2023)

PTE, like IELTS and TOEFL, tests students' listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills. Candidates scored between10-90,90 is the highest, equivalent to an IELTS score of 9.0.

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Minimale PTE-scoreCanadaDepends on several factors including course type and advanced level. Typically, courses with complex information, such as literature, engineering, and medicine, require a high level of English proficiency, which in turn requires a high PTE score.

Courses such as psychology and law also require good English language skills as the careers these courses lead to require a lot of interpersonal interaction.

The minimum PTE score in Canada is between58-73.

When your score is in85-90, you may call yourself an English professional. With such a score, it is possible to land on any course, provided you have met the university's other requirements. However, no university or government requires scores in this range.

score within range76-84Still excellent and shows that you are naturally good at English. This score range allows you to take advanced courses and top universities. Usually, undergraduate programs do not require such high scores. This score corresponds to a score of 7-8 in IELTS.

If your Canadian PTE score is in this range59-75,You can apply to most universities in Canada and most undergraduate and graduate programs.

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score below55-58It may be difficult for you to get admitted.

PTE-scoreUniversity availability based on ranking
70-79Most universities, most ranked in the top 50-100
60-69Mid to high school, usually in the top 80-200
50-59A selection of universities, most of which are in the top 300-800+
40-49A limited number of universities, usually ranked above 400

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List of Universities with the Lowest PTE Scores in Canada

University nameMinimale PTE-score in Canada
san thomas university50
University of Ottawa52-55
Brock University55
University of Western Canada58
Nipissing University58
western university58
University of Calgary59
McMaster University60
University of York60-65 years old
University of Waterloo60-68 years old
McGill University65
Dalhousie University61-65
Simon Fraser University61-65
University of Alberta61 – 68
University of British Columbia65-72

While these are average requirements, we recommend that you check with the university as these requirements are updated regularly.

Contact our advisors for a full list of universities and minimum PTE scores in Canada. Our experts can help you find the universities and courses that best fit your score range.

Schedule a free call!

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Didn't meet your ideal Canadian PTE score? Here's the solution!

Firstly, PTE and other English proficiency tests can be very challenging, so encourage yourself to try it first.

Don't worry if your score isn't what you think it is. Here are some ways to get you closer to your ideal Canadian PTE score.

  1. Retake PTE:The most obvious option is to retake the exam. The good news is that PTE can be taken multiple times, but at 5-day intervals. So take your time, analyze what went wrong, work on it and try again tomorrow.
  1. Consider alternative colleges:Another option is to explore universities that accept your current PTE score, or explore alternative courses that offer similar or greater value in your area of ​​interest.

If you need help finding colleges that will accept your scores, talk to one of our experts and get a list in minutes.

  1. Consider alternative English proficiency tests:Although PTE is easily accepted in Canada, many universities prefer IELTS. IELTS is internationally recognized and there are more online study resources. In addition, IELTS is widely accepted in Canada for public relations and employment purposes.

The reason you didn't get it right the first time could be because the test wasn't right for you. Do your research on other English tests and pick the one that's right for you.

At Leap, we help students choose the right English language test; if IELTS is your test of choice, we're here to help!Talk to us today.

How do you get a good PTE score in Canada?

It all comes down to: How do you get good grades? The answer is simple: prepare.

The best way to prepare for the PTE test depends on your study ability and the areas in which you fall short. Before you start, do a simple SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of your language skills. Spend extra time perfecting your weaknesses and plenty of time perfecting your strengths.

You can also do the following:

  • Take countless practice exams! Take enough time to familiarize yourself with the test mode.
  • Practice with a timer to see how quickly you have to come up with the answer.
  • Listen to the podcast and record your observations. This will help you improve your listening skills.
  • There is no better place to start reading than books and newspapers. Try to notice and write down new words.
  • Reading also greatly influences the way you write. Practice is the only way to improve your writing skills. Find new clues and practice writing for a few minutes each day.
  • To develop speaking skills, practice speaking English as much as possible, even if it's just for yourself. Record yourself speaking and listen to it to identify areas where you need to improve.

Minimum PTE Score for Canadian Student Visa

Minimale PTE-scoreCanadaStudent visas largely depend on the university you apply to. The Canadian government allows you to get a student visa if you have a valid letter of acceptance from the university.

(Video) 📢 BREAKING NEWS! 📢​ PTE Academic is now accepted for the SDS pathway to Canada. 🇨🇦

When it comes to permanent residency, Canada is not yet accepting PTE scores. However, the state recently announced that it will begin accepting PTE scores for PRs by the end of 2023.

PTE Scores Canada 2023: Best Universities & Visa Scores (3)

If you want to start your IELTS journey, talk to our experts and get started. Our IELTS courses have mock exams, live classes and forums to clear up all your doubts and are taught by the best IELTS coaches in India. Book a free demo now. Until then, you can apply for permanent residency in Canada by passing the IELTS test.

final thoughts

The current price of PTE is15,900 rupeesin India. Unlike other English proficiency tests, PTE is scored entirely by AI, reducing the chance of scoring errors. Another reason why students prefer PTE is that the results of the PTE test are available within 48 hours of taking the test.

In general, PTE is a good choice.

Are you planning to apply to universities in Canada? Talk to our experts and learn all about studying in Canada. From college to scholarships, we guide you through the process.

Book a free call now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Wat is PTE Academic?

    PTE Academic is a computer-based English language proficiency test designed to assess the English language proficiency of non-native speakers. The test assesses a candidate's ability to use English in an academic setting and is divided into four sections: speaking and writing, reading and listening.

  • How long does the PTE Academic test take?

    The entire exam lasts 2 hours and is designed to be completed in one session.

  • Does Canada accept PTE?

    Yes, exactly. Over 90% of Canadian universities accept PTE scores.

  • Can I retake the PTE Academic test?

    Candidates can resit PTE Academic as often as they wish. However, there must be a minimum of 5 calendar days between attempts.

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  • What is the minimum PTE score in Canada?

    The minimum PTE score range in Canada is58-73Depends on university, education and level of study.

  • What is the success rate of a PTE visa to Canada?

    The Canadian government will accept your PTE score for 100% if your university offers you admission based on it. Please note, however, that student visas are not issued solely on the basis of an English proficiency test.

  • Does Canada accept PTE for PR?

    Canada recently announced that it will accept PTE scores for PR visas, but this has not yet been implemented. The country will start accepting PTE scores for PRs in late 2023.


PTE Scores Canada 2023: Best Universities & Visa Scores? ›

Who accepts PTE? University of British Columbia, McGill University, and University of Western Ontario are among the many Canadian universities and colleges who recognize PTE Academic. Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recognize PTE Core for all work and visa applications (bookings open later in 2023).

Is PTE accepted in Canada for study visa 2023? ›

Who accepts PTE? University of British Columbia, McGill University, and University of Western Ontario are among the many Canadian universities and colleges who recognize PTE Academic. Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recognize PTE Core for all work and visa applications (bookings open later in 2023).

What is the PTE score requirement for Canada 2023? ›

According to IRCC, candidates' CELPIP general test scores must be equivalent to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of at least 7 in each of the four language speaking abilities; in CAEL and PTE Academic tests the score must be at least 60; and in TOEFL iBT, a minimum score of 83 is needed.

What is the best score in PTE for Canada student visa? ›

List of Universities with Minimum PTE Score for Canada
Name of UniversityMinimum PTE score for Canada
Dalhousie University61-65
Simon Fraser University61-65
University of Alberta61 – 68
University of British Columbia65- 72
11 more rows
Apr 26, 2023

What is the minimum score of PTE for Canada visa? ›

Yes, you can apply for the Canada student visa with a PTE score. The minimum PTE score for Canada student visa is dependent on the university applied for. Generally, the minimum PTE score required for Canadian university ranges from 58 to 73. When can I apply for a PTE test?

Is PTE 56 score accepted in Canada? ›

The minimum PTE score required by Canadian universities is 60 overall and a minimum of 60 in each section. The score may vary depending on the university you choose. Below we've given the list of universities that accepts PTE score based on the QS World University Ranking.

What is the success rate of Canada visa with PTE? ›

A: PTE is a widely accepted English proficiency test. Almost 90% of the universities in Canada accept PTE.

Is 47 a good score in PTE? ›

What is PTE Passing Score? PTE scores range from 10-90; however, there is no passing PTE score. Candidates scoring anywhere between 65-75 is considered to be a good PTE score for admission to top universities.

Will Canada accept PTE in future? ›

Canada will soon allow individuals to take the Pearson Test of English (PTE) when applying for economic class immigration pathways. Beginning 'late 2023', the PTE will be accepted as a Designated language testby the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Is PTE accepted in USA? ›

PTE scores are widely appreciated by the majority of colleges and institutions in the United States. PTE is amongst the most popular exams students opt to study in the USA.

Which college accept 57 PTE score in Canada? ›

PTE Accepted Universities in Canada for Engineering
UniversityMinimum PTE score
Dalhousie University65 with 54 in all sections
University of Manitoba61
York University58
University of Guelph60
6 more rows

Is PTE 57 score good? ›

To ensure your applicants meet your English language requirements, your PTE-A equivalent score should be: A minimum PTE-A overall score of 58, and. Minimum of 48 in Listening; 53 in Reading; 46 in Speaking; and 62 in Writing.

How much PTE score required for USA? ›

The PTE exam is conducted to test candidates' English language proficiency in different sections. Some of the moderate to good universities in the USA require a minimum score of 50-55 or higher to enrol for admission.

Is PTE 54 score good? ›

The PTE score is calculated in a score range of 10 - 90. Candidates who get a PTE score in the range of 50 - 58 are considered to have got an Average PTE Score. Anything above 65 is a good PTE score.

Is 58 a good score in PTE? ›

PTE Academic Score: 59–75

Required for: Typically, this is the level required to be able to follow academic level instruction and to participate in academic education, including both coursework and student life, and may be set for undergraduate or post-graduate entry requirements.

How much score is 58 in PTE? ›

IELTS BandsPTE ScoresPTE Scores (Proposed)
6 more rows

Which university accept 50 PTE score in Canada? ›

Popular PTE Accepted Colleges in Canada
PTE accepted CollegesPTE Scores (Undergraduate + Graduate)
George Brown CollegeUndergraduate= overall 54 with 50 in each skill band Graduate= overall 60 with 55 in each skill band
Humber CollegeUndergraduate =58-60 (No Masters PTE scores provided)
3 more rows

Is 51 PTE score accepted in Canada? ›

For applying for diploma courses in Canada, you will need an overall PTE score of 45 (at least) with a minimum of 36 in each PTE module, such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Can I go to Australia with a 55 score in PTE? ›

You require at least a score of 65 in PTE to qualify for an Australian Permanent Residency or PR. However, the minimum level is competent English if you apply for subclass 189 or 190.

How can I get Canada visa from PTE? ›

Starting in late 2023, the PTE will join the other language tests designated by the IRCC. Economic class candidates can use the PTE scores to demonstrate their ability to economically establish themselves in Canada.

What is the passing score for PTE for student visa? ›

In order to be eligible for the Australian student visa, the student must get a minimum score of 42 on the PTE Academic test.

How long does it take to get Canada visa with PTE? ›

If you apply from outside Canada, the application process will take about eight weeks. If you apply from inside Canada, it will take about nine weeks.

What is a PTE score of 48? ›

With a PTE score of 48, you may be limited to a diploma or introductory courses, but scoring 50 in your PTE exam will make you eligible for most of the undergraduate programs in Australia.

Is 50 a good score in PTE? ›

PTE score range is 10-90; however, there is no passing PTE score. 65-75 PTE score happens to be a good PTE score, as it appears competent to get admission in the top universities. In other universities, PTE score between 50-63 can also be accepted.

Is 51 PTE score good? ›

A university's PTE score requirements vary depending on the degree and course level. On average, you need a PTE score of 51-60 for undergraduate courses and 57-67 for postgraduate courses.

Is PTE enough for Canada? ›

At present, PTE is accepted by over 3,000 universities worldwide. With the examination's wide acceptance globally, Canada is no exception.

Is PTE beneficial for Canada? ›

It is accepted by 90% of the universities and top colleges. If you are trying to get a Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian Designated Learning Institute (DLI), the best way to go about this is to first get a good score in on the PTE test.

Does Canada accept PTE instead of IELTS? ›

IELTS is accepted by all immigration departments that require an English Language test, including: Australia, Canada, UK and New Zealand.

Is PTE valid for USA PR? ›

Countries that accept PTE for immigration:

Countries that accept PTE for immigration include Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Germany, France, Poland, Argentina, Italy, Japan, Czech Republic, China, Brazil.

How many colleges accept PTE in Canada? ›

There are around 90% of universities that accepts PTE exam. Canada has always been a preferred country for Indians to study abroad to pursue higher education. There are different eligibility criteria and different tests for admission to Canadian universities.

Does PTE is easier than IELTS? ›

Neither of the two exams can be considered easy or difficult. However, keeping the difference in pattern/structure in mind, people might find one easier to take than the other. Also, IELTS has fixed no. of questions, whereas PTE follows an adaptive approach.

Do all colleges in Canada accept PTE? ›

PTE Accepted Colleges in Canada 2023 – 2024 List. Almost 90% of Canadian universities and colleges accept PTE at the present date. In fact, it has become the best choice to receive your letter of acceptance from many top Canadian Universities to Study in Canada.

What is the lowest score of PTE? ›

The various sections in the PTE exam, (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) are scored on a scale of 10 – 90 where 10 is the lowest, with increments of 1 point.

How much is 56 score in PTE? ›

Getting 36 in PTE equals 5.5 bands in IELTS. Getting 46 in PTE equals 6 bands in IELTS. Getting 56 in PTE equals 6.5 bands in IELTS.

How much is PTE 57 in IELTS? ›

Converting PTE Score To IELTS Score
PTE Score rangeIELTS Brand
6 more rows

Is 65 PTE easy to score? ›

In summary, while scoring 65 or higher on the PTE is achievable, it can be difficult depending on several factors. Test-takers can increase their chances of achieving a good score by taking PTE mock tests, and enrolling in PTE coaching to develop the necessary skills and strategies.

What PTE score is B2? ›

B2 proficiency level meets university entry requirements and enables students to follow academic-level instruction and participate in academic education, including both coursework and student life. PTE Academic scores of 76–84 indicate that test takers are probably able to carry out language tasks at C1 level.

Is a PTE score of 59 good or bad? ›

PTE Score Chart Evaluation
PTE ScoresLevel of Excellence
43 – 50Modest
50 – 58Competent
58 – 65Competent
65 – 79Good
4 more rows
Dec 14, 2022

Can I combine 2 PTE scores? ›

You can combine scores from 2 sittings, but the tests you are combining should have been taken within 6 months. Also, in both of these tests, you should not have scored less than 58 in any sections. When can I appear for the PTE test again? The candidate can retake the test as soon as they receive their result.

What is PTE competent score? ›

Australia Department of Home Affairs: Minimum score requirements
English language proficiency levelTest componentPTE Academic minimum score
Proficient For points-tested skilled visasListening65
7 more rows

What is PTE score overall 54? ›

PTE ScoresLevel of Excellence
36 – 43Modest
43 – 50Modest
50 – 58Competent
58 – 65Competent
4 more rows
Apr 22, 2022

Can I apply for Canada student visa with PTE score? ›

Does Canada accept the Pearson Test of English for a student visa? No, the PTE alone cannot secure a Canadian visa. Using the PTE test scores, you can apply to various Canadian universities.

Can I use PTE for Canada visa? ›

Highlights: Canada PR application will accept PTE score for English language proficiency. PTE score is now accepted for Canada PR visa application.

Will Canada PR accept PTE in future? ›

Starting in late 2023, the PTE will join the other language tests designated by the IRCC. Economic class candidates can use the PTE scores to demonstrate their ability to economically establish themselves in Canada.

How long is PTE valid for in Canada? ›

Since results from all approved tests are valued equally, you can choose to take whichever test is more convenient for you. No matter which language test you take however, the results must be from within the last two years (24 months) to be valid.

How long does it take to get a PTE visa in Canada? ›

If you apply from outside Canada, the application process will take about eight weeks. If you apply from inside Canada, it will take about nine weeks.

What is good score in PTE? ›

PTE Academic Score: 85–90

This is the highest level of English ability we can measure. At this level, you would be extremely comfortable engaging in academic and work activities at all levels.

Is PTE harder than IELTS? ›

From an academic standpoint, both IELTS and PTE are comparable. Neither is set to be tougher than the other. However, given the different IELTS and PTE test sections, people can find one easier than the other. Both exams test writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills.

In which countries PTE is accepted? ›

Some prominent countries that accept PTE are:
  • United States of America (USA)
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Canada.
  • Australia.
  • Germany.
  • New Zealand.
  • France.
Apr 13, 2023


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