Ostomy and Hernia Girdle and Underwear for Stoma Support | (2023)

Ostomy and Hernia Girdle and Underwear for Stoma Support | (1)

Living with an ostomy has a major impact on a person's everyday life. A stoma challenges a person's social life, body image and self-esteem.

Abdominal surgery that cuts the large abdominal muscle can also increase the risk of hernia, leading to many inconveniences: improper fit of the stoma, risk of leaks, negative body image and appearance, discomfort, pain, and heaviness, etc. or without surgery This common condition requires special attention and support.

live as you please

To help you live your life the way you like, we have developed proven products for the prevention and treatment of hernias and stoma. Our Corsinel products are developed in close collaboration with doctors, nurses and ostomates to always guarantee the best performance, comfort and quality.

In addition, we pay attention to the individual anatomy of the body when designing our Corsinel ostomy care products. Our underwear, tubing and ostomy belts need to fit to make a difference and be used. That's why Corsinel ostomy products are made of a 4-way stretch material that always adapts to your specific body contours. This unique flexibility also ensures that Corsinel ostomy products support the stoma or hernia without impeding stoma flow.

Knowing that Corsinel ostomy and hernia products are often worn all day and possibly into the night, breathable products are designed for comfort. We want our ostomy care products to be user-friendly and to address and ease the challenges in your daily life.

Different needs – different levels of support

Because the need for support and compression varies from person to person, the Corsinel line is divided into three levels of support: light, medium and maximum. Read more about the levels by clicking on the icons.


What is an ostomy?

The terms "stoma" and "stoma" are often used interchangeably. A stoma is an opening in the abdominal wall that has been surgically created to allow the flow of stool or urine. There are many reasons for an operation. It could be cancer, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease or inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulosis, birth defects, or trauma. People of any age can have an ostomy.

There are three main types of stoma: colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy. All are directed to the abdominal surface. A colostomy is an opening in the large intestine, also known as the colon. An ileostomy is the term used to describe an opening in the small intestine, specifically the ileum. A urostomy is the term used to describe an opening for urine flow.

Where will my stoma be placed?

Your stoma will be placed somewhere on your abdomen. It is always the healthcare professionals who choose the location of the stoma. Considerations for selecting the stoma site include: length, size and shape of the abdomen, abdomen exposed in various positions, occupation, clothing, use of equipment, physical issues, mobility, vision, dexterity, ability to take care of yourself, surgeon and surgeon preferences patients. Patiently. Only in emergency surgeries can it be difficult to consider all factors.

How does a stoma affect my appearance?

In most cases, a stoma has a negative effect on one's body image and perception of one's own body. You're just not used to having an extra body part in your stomach that swells up and looks so weird. With an attached bag, it can look even bulkier. For other people, however, their stoma is hardly noticeable under their clothing. However, this may not be the feeling you have.

Are there any complications associated with an ostomy?

If you have an ostomy, you are at risk of complications. However, it is very unlikely that you will have all of the complications associated with an ostomy, and the complications that you may have can often be treated. You must never accept complications. Your stoma nurse is very knowledgeable about complications and solutions and you should ask her for advice, for example. about using an ostomy belt.

What complications are associated with an ostomy?

Consult your stoma care professional for the most common complications such as stoma obstruction, skin problems, stoma retraction, stoma prolapse and leakage. One of the most common complications is parastomal hernia, which many people develop weeks, months, or even years after ostomy surgery.

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What is a parastomal hernia?

Ostomy surgery involves making an incision in the abdominal muscles, causing abdominal weakness. In some cases, this weakness in the abdominal muscles allows a loop of bowel to protrude, resulting in a bulge around the stoma. This bulge is called a parastomal hernia.

What are the symptoms of a parastomal hernia?

Symptoms of a parastomal hernia include a bulge around or on the side of the stoma. Other symptoms are an asymmetrical appearance, a feeling of imbalance and possibly a feeling of heaviness due to the hernia. The diameter of the stoma may also increase, the stoma may flatten, the skin around the stoma may appear stretched and thin, and there may be changes in the pattern of bowel movements. You don't necessarily have all of the above symptoms.

What are the effects of a hernia?

In many cases, a hernia causes no problems. However, you may find the bump growing, making it more visible and therefore affecting its appearance. This can lead to social isolation and limit your daily activities overall. Although rarely painful, a parastomal hernia can become uncomfortable, especially as it grows, as it can cause uncomfortable pulling.

As the hernia grows, you may also find that it covers your stoma, preventing you from seeing and caring for it properly. In this case, it is important to consult your ostomy nurse who will discuss bag options with you. Another option is to consult with your surgeon to discuss surgical hernia repair options.

The stool excretion pattern can also change as a result of the hernia. Fecal matter can accumulate and explode in larger quantities than normal. Parastomal hernias can also change the shape and size of the stoma. This change could cause your braces to leak more often or irritate the skin around your stoma. In rare cases, the hernia can cause the stoma to not work as often or even spasm when trying to work. Seriously, you may find that the hernia is preventing the stoma from functioning. This can lead to abdominal stretching. Contact your ostomy nurse or surgeon immediately if you experience these symptoms, as surgery may be indicated.

What can I do if I have a hernia?

Most hernias can be treated without surgery using supportive clothing such as B. an ostomy hernia support belt. Based on your hernia, the stoma care worker can determine which level of support and which garment – ​​stoma belt, tube or pants – is right for you.

In rare cases, surgery may be needed to repair the hernia. But even after stoma hernia surgery, the hernia can reappear. For this reason, parastomal hernias are usually treated without surgery.

Can my parastomal hernia grow?

In many cases, your hernia will likely increase in size over time if surgery is not performed.

How common are parastomal hernias?

Not everyone, but many people develop parastomal hernias after ostomy surgery. In most cases, the hernia develops within 2 weeks and up to 2 years after stoma surgery. However, the risk of developing a hernia is lifelong.

The risk increases with age, obesity, pregnancy, lung diseases such as chronic cough or COPD, strenuous work, smoking and strenuous physical activity. If you are male, you are also at a higher risk.

How can I prevent a paraestomal hernia?

One study showed that abdominal exercises combined with the use of a supportive garment, such as a B. an ostomy belt, the occurrence of hernias can prevent[1]. Your ostomy nurse may know what exercises are relevant for you to prevent a parastomal hernia.

Combine your exercises with the use of an ostomy bandage, avoid straining and heavy lifting, maintain a healthy weight, because being overweight increases tension in the abdominal muscles in most cases.

[1]Study: Thompson & Trainor: "Prevention of paraestoma hernias: a comparison of outcomes 3 years later", 2005

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Why use Corsinel® for stoma and hernia management?

Living with an ostomy and a hernia can have a major impact on a person's day-to-day life. An ostomy and hernia can challenge a person's mobility, body image, and self-esteem. To help you live your life the way you want, Corsinel support garments are safe and reliable products for discretion, fixation, ostomy bag support, reduced risk of leakage and hernia support. Corsinel's line of girdles and underwear offers several products specially designed to help you with your everyday ostomy or hernia problems.

Corsinel support garments are developed in close collaboration with ostomists, doctors and nurses to ensure the best performance, function and quality at all times.

In addition, Corsinel support garments are designed with the anatomy of the body in mind. It is important that the pieces fit perfectly to make a difference and to be used.

Corsinel support clothing is often worn throughout the day and perhaps at night as well. The clothing is therefore designed to be extremely comfortable to wear. They are specifically designed as user aids that address and ease your challenges in your daily life.

Why use Corsinel® for hernia prevention?

A study showed that training the abdominal muscles in combination with hernia protective clothing increases the success of hernia prophylaxis[1].

It is also a common belief among many healthcare professionals that wearing supportive clothing, such as B. an ostomy support belt, which can prevent the formation of hernias.[2].

[1]Study: Thompson & Trainor: "Prevention of paraestoma hernias: a comparison of outcomes 3 years later", 2005

[2]Article: President of the Colostomy Association, UK and Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Mr Ian Daniels FRCS: “Parastomal Hernias”, 2015

Will my stoma function be affected if I wear Corsinel® over the pouch?

Corsinel ostomy belt and ostomy underwear are made from a special 4-way stretch material that expands and contracts according to body proportions. This means that the fabric always adapts to your stoma and braces. Your stoma fits snugly under the fabric and you don't necessarily need a hole for your stoma and ostomy bag.

How can Corsinel® support my hernia?

Corsinel ostomy and hernia clothing is made from a strong, durable fabric that provides optimal support for a hernia. This is confirmed by several nurses and dentists. If you have a giant hernia, Corsinel is not usually recommended. In this case you may need a custom made garment.

How can Corsinel® improve my appearance?

An ostomy and hernia can negatively impact self-esteem and body image due to an altered appearance. In the worst case, this can lead to isolation. Corsinel ostomy hernia belts and underwear offer a more even and slimmer appearance and counteract the feeling of being crooked.

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How can Corsinel® support my ostomy bag?

Corsinel is specifically designed to secure and support ostomy bags. The fabric used in Corsinel support clothing is carefully selected to ensure the best support and comfort to keep you feeling safe and confident in your daily life. The combination of the mesh of the fabric and the design of the Corsinel garments gives excellent support for an ostomy bag.

How can Corsinel® make me feel safe?

Two of the biggest concerns for ostomists are the risk of leakage and noise from the contents. We are aware of this and because your concern is our concern, we have designed the Corsinel to not only support an ostomy pouch to minimize the risk of leakage, but also to reduce noise from the contents at the same time. With Corsinel ostomy hernia clothing, we've done our best to address these concerns so you can feel safe and confident at all times.

How can I be sure that Corsinel® fits my body proportions?

Corsinel is made from a flexible 4-way stretch fabric. Due to the flexibility of the knit material, Corsinel stretches and stretches in all directions - just like the skin - always ensuring an ideal and unique fit, regardless of body proportions.

How tight should I wear my support garments?

Your ostomy nurse will advise you on how tight your underwear and Corsinel belt should fit to provide you with the best possible support. Most importantly, you should always feel comfortable using Corsinel. If you feel unwell, it is important to remove the garment and seek advice from a gastric nurse.

How can Corsinel® help in my daily life?

Living with an ostomy has an impact on a person's everyday life. It is our mission to reduce this impact as much as possible and humanize healthcare. For this reason we have developed the Corsinel ostomy hernia line. No matter what situation you find yourself in on a daily basis, a garment from the Corsinel line can help you: at work, in the garden, when doing sports or other physical activities, when shopping - and if you wish, even when sleeping. Corsinel is an indispensable addition to your ostomy care.

Why does Corsinel® have 3 different support levels?

Every ostomist has different needs. Some ostomists need extra support from their ostomy pouch during physical activity, some ostomists focus more on improving their appearance. Some ostomists will develop a hernia near or around an ostomy, while others will not. Corsinel offers a wide range of ostomy hernia products, all with different levels of support depending on the challenges you are facing.

How do I know which support level to choose?

In general, we advise you to contact an ostomy care professional for advice on the level of support. As a rule of thumb: If you don't have a hernia, light supportive clothing is usually helpful in everyday life. If you engage in activities where you feel you need an extra level of support, a medium support garment is recommended.

When you have a hernia, maximum support garments are generally always the first recommended product as they provide excellent support. However, this depends on the size of the hernia and general circumstances. If you find maximum support clothing uncomfortable, medium support clothing may suit your needs.

How do I know which Corsinel® clothing height to choose?

Several factors influence the choice of the height of your Corsinel ostomy hernia repair. This depends on the location of the stoma and the size of your abdomen. It also depends on the length of the torso and the size of the hernia. For best support and comfort, always ensure the support piece covers the entire hernia area. Always ensure that the height of your Corsinel support clothing is comfortable to wear. If in doubt, consult your ostomy nurse.

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Should I wear my Corsinel® garment to sleep?

Most ostomists do not use high compression Corsinel at night, but sleepwear needs are individual. If you prefer, you can use light or medium support overnight.

Which Corsinel® product is best for me?

This depends on your stoma and the challenges or complications of the stoma, such as: a parastomal hernia. Contact your ostomy care professional for advice on which Corsinel ostomy hernia product to choose.

How do I find the right size?

In many cases, your stomach nurse will help you find the right size. To make fitting easier, each Corsinel product also has a size chart and instructions in the insert showing where to measure to find the right size on the size chart.

Can I wash my Corsinel®?

Corsinel garments are all machine washable. This means you can wash your Corsinel with your laundry. Corsinel can also be dried. Detailed care and handling instructions can be found on the ostomy product and on the insert in the product packaging. You should always have two pieces of Corsinel clothing on hand: one to wear and one to wash.

How long should I use Corsinel®?

How long you should wear a Corsinel is individual. For some it may be just for physical activity, for others it may be both day and night. If you are unsure how long to wear your Corsinel, speak to your ostomy nurse for advice.

Where can I get more help and advice?

If you have questions that are not answered in these FAQs, we recommend that you contact your gastric nurse or surgeon for more information.

Where to buy Corsinel®

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How do you manage a hernia with a stoma? ›

There are two options. One can move the stoma to a new site on the abdomen, i.e. create a new opening elsewhere and repair the hernia at the old site as one would any other hernia, or one can try to repair the hernia around the stoma, leaving the stoma where it is.

Can you wear a hernia belt over a stoma? ›

If a hernia develops in connection with a stoma, it is good to use a supporting hernia belt, sometimes also called a stoma belt, stoma girdle or support belt.

How do you wear underwear with a stoma? ›

Underwear and swimwear

It is entirely up to you whether you prefer wearing your stoma pouch inside or on the outside of your underwear. If you prefer it on the inside, higher elastic underwear is likely to be more practical in order to keep the pouch completely tucked away.

What happens if you get a hernia with a stoma? ›

A stoma hernia resembles a bulge or a lump. Many people describe it a looking like a “golf ball” or a “grapefruit” behind their stoma. Having a hernia can cause your stoma to look more pronounced and potentially change shape, it may also appear larger or flatter than it did before the hernia.

How serious is a stoma hernia? ›

Parastomal hernia is the most common complication in various types of stomas. It can progress almost asymptomatically, often resulting only in an abdominal deformity in the vicinity of the stoma, but in extreme cases it can lead to bowel incarceration and strangulation, thus necessitating immediate surgery.

What is the best support for a Parastomal hernia? ›

A hernia support belt or garment can help minimise pain as they are designed to support your abdominal muscles, especially during movement, coughing and sneezing. The best way to put on your belt is when you are laying down on your back.

What makes a Parastomal hernia worse? ›

Obesity: people who are obese may develop parastomal hernias more readily than those of normal weight. Malnutrition: poor nutrition around the time of the stoma surgery may delay normal healing, and result in a weakness in the abdominal wall.

Can you get a hernia behind your stoma? ›

A Parastomal Hernia (Stoma Hernia) is a weakness or protrusion in the muscle wall of the abdomen at the site of a Stoma which allows the abdominal contents to bulge out. The bulge often protrudes more when coughing or undertaking physical activity.

How does a stoma hernia belt work? ›

The belt works by gently pressing the contents of the hernia (the intestines or other tissue that is bulging through the weak spot) back inside the abdomen. Since most hernia pain seems to be caused by the bulging intestines, this compression can provide relief in many cases.

Does ostomy belt prevent hernia? ›

The Brava ® Ostomy Support Belt brings relief by releasing the heavy sensation of hernias, and may help prevent hernias post-operatively, in combination with exercise. Whether you have a bulge, hernia, or outward curve, or seek support after an operation, the Brava Ostomy Support Belt is designed to fit your needs.

How tight should a stoma belt be? ›

Q: How tight should I secure the belt? A: The proper belt tension is important to keep the pouch secure without excess pressure. With the belt attached, you should be able to easily slide two fingers between the belt and your skin.

What underwear to wear with a stoma? ›

You can order ostomate-specific underwear online by shopping here. VERA SA: Ostomy Underwear is different from regular underwear because they are high-waisted and have a front pocket that can hold your bag. High-waisted underwear is an excellent choice because it doesn't cut off the bag's flow of output.

What is the best clothing to wear with an ostomy bag? ›

High-waisted pants, shorts, and skirts cover your stoma and provide full coverage over your pouch. Make sure your pants or skirts fit comfortably over the pouch, but aren't too snug. If the bottom is extremely tight, it may block outflow from filling the bag and cause a bulge or leak. Loose-fitting Clothes.

What pants are best for stoma? ›

High-waisted pants will fit more comfortably over your stoma. Pleated pants are best for concealing your bag; the folds will distract from the area. Alternatively, try wearing maternity pants. This style of pants features a band that's already attached to the waist and will adequately cover your ostomy bag.

How long is stoma hernia surgery? ›

Results: Of 14 patients, 12 patients had end-sigmoid stoma, one had end ileostomy following surgery for ulcerative colitis and one had urinary conduit. The size of the defect varied from 4.5 cm to 6 cm in diameter, and the average duration of surgery was 125 min.

What should I avoid with a Parastomal hernia? ›

Recommendation #1: Use good body mechanics when you move. Avoid belly (abdominal) strain including heavy lifting for 6 weeks. Limit lifting to 10 pounds for 6 weeks. o When your doctor allows you to begin lifting (which is usually 6 weeks after surgery) follow the instructions starting on page 10 of this handout.

How can you live with a hernia without surgery? ›

Top 10 Remedies That Can Cure Inguinal Hernia Without Surgery!
  1. Wear hernia belts.
  2. While coughing or straining, hold the hernia.
  3. Take light walks.
  4. Avoid foods that cause inflammation.
  5. Exercises to strengthen the Abdomen.
  6. Maintain a healthy weight.
  7. Apply some ice.
  8. Take a fiber-rich diet.

Should stomach hernias be removed? ›

Why do hernias need to be repaired? Many doctors recommend surgery because it can prevent a rare but serious problem called strangulation. This occurs when a loop of intestine or a piece of fatty tissue is trapped in a hernia and the blood supply is cut off, which kills the tissue.

Can a Parastomal hernia be repaired without surgery? ›

Conclusion: Parastomal hernia repair is associated with high recurrence and additional repair rates. Non-operative treatment has a relatively low cross-over and emergency surgery rate. Given these data, non-operative treatment might be a better choice for patients without complaints or with comorbidities.

Can a hernia change bowel movements? ›

Constipation or difficulty having a bowel movement

Any blockage in the large intestine caused by a hernia can cause constipation or difficulty in having a bowel movement as it interferes with digestion. It will also be difficult to pass gas, making you even more uncomfortable.

What helps with Parastomal hernia pain? ›

Parastomal hernia treatment options

Losing weight and quitting smoking, as well as wearing an abdominal support belt, can help ease uncomfortable symptoms. Stomal support belts are compression belts worn around the abdomen to support the abdominal muscles, secure the stoma, and conceal the appliance.

Can a Parastomal hernia burst? ›

Background. Long standing ostomy related complications such as parastomal hernia and stoma prolapse may be at a higher risk of developing spontaneous rupture and evisceration, especially in patients suffering from chronic cough. Such patients may need early refashioning of the stoma to prevent this serious complication ...

What causes a hernia around a stoma? ›

When a stoma is brought to the surface of the abdomen it passes through the abdominal wall which causes a potential area of weakness. Usually the muscles in the abdominal wall form a snug fit around the stoma opening. However, on occasion the muscles come away from the edges of the stoma, creating a hernia.

How can you tell if you have a hernia around your stoma? ›

That's when more intestine than planned pushes through your muscles and causes a bulge at your ostomy site. You can tell if you might have a parastomal hernia by a noticeable bulge or by placing your hand over your stoma and seeing if it protrudes out when you cough.

How common are stoma hernias? ›

Firstly it's worth noting that hernias are very common, in fact up to 70% of ostomates will develop one. They occur when the edges of the stoma come away from the muscle, allowing abdominal contents (usually a section of bowel) to bulge out.


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