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Applies to:Researchers, archivists, librarians, directors and staff, excluding employees eligible for paid time off (PTO)

  1. policy

    To provide breaks and appropriate breaks, and in accordance with the terms of this Policy, the University provides paid time off to regular staff and the following categories of staff: Researchers, Archivists, Librarians, and Curators (hereinafter referred to as Eligible Staff The Scheme of vacation time must be approved by the employee's manager Supervision of faculty leave, if applicable, is described in Standard Practice Guideline 201.64-1.

  2. Regulations and definitions

    1. surface-mounted base

      1. Full-time non-exempt employees accrue paid time off according to the following schedule:
        1. 1 day per month during the first 5 years of service (0-60 months).
        2. From 5 to 8 years (61-96 months) 1 1/2 days per month.
        3. 2 days per month for more than 8 years of service (97 months or more).

        The years of service are counted from the last date of employment of the employee.

      2. Non-exempt employees accrue their monthly vacation allowance at the beginning of the biweekly pay period, including the first day of the month.
      3. Full-time exempted staff and eligible faculty and staff accrue paid time off at the rate of two days per month from the date of hire. Exempt employees and eligible teachers accrue their monthly vacation allowance on the first of each month.
      4. Serve at least 20% of part-time staff and eligible faculty members with regularly scheduled work of 8 hours or more per week and accrue prorated vacation time. Staff and eligible teachers who have fewer than 20% appointments and regularly scheduled work of less than 8 hours per week will not accrue paid leave.
      5. Vacation time is accrued over hours worked and absences in the context of short-term sick leave, paid parental leave and vacation.
      6. Vacation time may be taken during the calendar month or fortnightly pay period in which vacation is accrued (including the first month of accrued vacation).
      7. Employees and eligible faculty members can accrue unused leave up to twice the annual accrual rate of staff or faculty.
      8. Accrued holidays for partial calendar months are calculated based on the date of the calendar month in which the event occurred according to the table below:
        day of the calendar monthstart work, advance to exempt status, complete 5 or 8 years of service, or
        back from vacation
        The employment ends or the leave starts
        1 to 10100% built upno construction
        11 to 2050% built up50% built up
        21st to end of monthno construction100% built up
      9. Except as provided in paragraph 8 above, staff and eligible teachers are absent without pay while receiving extended sick leave, paid maternity leave (maternity leave), unpaid leave or accrual of paid leave during a calendar month. Fifteen or more working days have been documented.

        Vacation time accrues at fifty percent of the regular rate in any calendar month in which a staff member or eligible faculty member has been unpaid for more than 7 business days but less than 15 business days.

      10. The university counts leave as seniority when calculating seniority to determine the appropriate leave accrual rate for staff or eligible faculty members (as described in II.B.1 above).
      11. The university does not count hours worked as overtime when calculating vacation accrual or vacation accrual percentages for staff or eligible faculty members.
    2. roasting

      Each unit of the university is responsible for administering leave arrangements so as not to interfere with that unit's operations, and all eligible employees who choose to do so may use their annual leave allotment in the same year they accrue it. However, the device should also try to accommodate personal preferences for holiday dates.

      In addition, units experiencing periods of "laziness" or "crisis" may require staff and eligible faculty and staff to take time off during these times. Where feasible, units should give advance notice to staff and eligible faculty members who may need to take time off.

    3. Compensation during paid time off

      Staff and eligible teachers receive regular compensation during leave. The pay rate is the normal pay rate for the absence, plus shift work allowance (if applicable) multiplied by the number of hours of accrued paid time off that have been scheduled and used.

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    4. salary instead of vacation

      The university only reimburses accrued leave in the event of physical absence of an employee or eligible staff member, with the following exceptions:

      1. na retirement
      2. start military leave
      3. terminate for any reason
      4. stop without notice
      5. Resign
      6. die
      7. discharge
      8. Reduced Hours (Credit) or Appointments - If time (fractions) is reduced for an appointment, any accrued vacation time above the maximum accrual eligible for the reduced appointment will be paid. In the case of a cross-departmental transfer, the original department fills in the excess accrual.
    5. Unless otherwise stated in this policy, no unit of the University may grant leave or pay compensation prior to the calendar month in which an employee or eligible staff member has accrued leave.
    6. holidays

      When a university holiday falls within a scheduled holiday period, the university will not count the date of the holiday as holiday time unless a member of staff or qualified faculty member replaces the university holiday for which the holiday was designated with a larger day. In that case, staff members or eligible faculty members may elect to report university designated leave as vacation or unpaid absence. LookClub 201.26Holidays, Replace Section II.B.

    7. for sick leave

      A staff member or eligible faculty member who is absent from work after the allotted short-term sick pay has been used up and does not meet the eligibility requirements for extended sick pay will have accrued standard leave from his or her salary, if applicable. Unpaid absences during this period may be considered at the request of the staff member.

    8. Collection service

      When an employee is transferred from one position, budget, or business unit to another, his or her unused leave entitlements are transferred. However, before the transfer, the employer who intends to resign encourages him to take up the accrued leave before starting a new assignment.

      When an eligible faculty member transfers from a 12-month teaching position to one covered by this policy, his or her vacation pay goes with it. The amount of leave to be transferred is calculated based on the maximum leave allowance for one year less the actual leave taken by eligible personnel during the tax year in which the transfer occurs. From the date of the new appointment, he accrues leave at the rate that applies to the new appointment. Staff members transferring to teaching faculty positions are paid for unused vacation time rather than being transferred to the new unit.

    9. split dating

      Employees with a tenure of 12 months are subject to the same arrangements as regular staff, such asSPG 201.64-1Holidays (Teaching Academy).

    10. Calculate presence and absence

      1. Non-exempt employees who are paid on a biweekly basis must calculate hours worked and absences from the regular work schedule to the nearest 1/10th of an hour and report them on the biweekly timesheet.
      2. Exempt employees and faculty participating in the leave accrual program must report their non-productive time (regular work schedule absences), but are not required to report work time. In universities, it is common practice to report non-productive time in half-day increments, based on employees being absent for the majority of half days. Units may also establish alternative methods for reporting non-productive time (i.e., hourly increments), as long as this practice is applied consistently throughout the organization. Exempt employees and eligible teachers are not allowed to accrue and consolidate short absences for reporting at a later date.
    11. Holiday allowance - Phased retirement1

      1. Employees and eligible teachers participating in reduced tenure phased retirement will receive all accrued leave in excess of the maximum accrued eligibility for the reduced tenure. The university provides benefits at the start of phased retirement.
      2. Employees and eligible faculty members who participate in phased retirement by taking a fixed period of vacation time will retain their accrued vacation time up to the eligibility maximum. No vacation is accrued during the holiday period.
    12. Long-Term Disability Program

      To qualify for long-term disability benefits, staff members and eligible faculty members must first use up their accrued vacation time, which is not paid in a lump sum.



Update April 2015: Correction in Para. two. G. For sick leave, how to use leave accrual when sick pay has run out.

Update August 2016: Revised paragraph II. J. 2. Attendance and Absence Calculation: Allows the unit to determine alternative methods for reporting non-productive time.

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Updated September 2018: clarified impact of SPG 201.30-6, Paid Maternity Leave (Giving Birth) and Parental Leave.

Changes made in March 2019 to clarify that the leave accrual calculation is based on the calendar day the event occurred, not the effective date of the status change.

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