A list of scholarships for the POs and SAT scores (2023)

Depending on the school, the student and the scholarship, points that start on the satellite or action can enable or interrupt their chances of entering or paying the college.This list of scholarships is in contrast to others.Hundreds of scholarships only fit for students at the students.The award faculties have only selected their class for all caliber.

Act points 10 to 15

American Indian Education Fund

Minimum score of the law: 14

Term: April 4, 2020

Award: up to 2,000 US dollars

Overview:The American Fund of Education of India was founded to support educational opportunities for the students of the American Indians, Alaska and Hawaii.Although the vision in the Indian communities is strong and self -sufficient.The scholarships are granted for each school year and are made by a national selection committee.Decisions are based on a generalApplication assessment.

Files 16 to 20

O Anthony Muñoz Stipendienfonds

Minimum acting point: 18

Frist: 1. May 2020

Award: $ 20,000

Overview:The foundation of the foundation is developed by Anthony and his family's passion to realize students to attend local college or university, Funds Funds from the Foundation offers several scholarships of $ 20,000 to older peopleto select in three states.

Army -rotc scholarship

Act Minimum points: 19

SAT Minimum points: 1000

Term: October 19 to 23, 2020

Award: varied

Overview:The four -year High School scholarship is for students of the high school who plan to take part in a four -year university program.You can find more information in contact with your academic consultant at High School or the Military Science campus.

O Anthony Muñoz Stipendienfonds

Minimum acting point: 18

Frist: 1. May 2020

Award: varied

Overview:The Anthony Muñoz scholarship fund was created by Anthony Muñoz and his family to support young people to realize their dreams from a local college or a university.

Files 21 to 25

Bruce Fishskin Stipendienfonds

Act Minimum points: 22

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SAT Minimum points: 1100

Termination: October 31, 2020 (registration opened on September 1, 2020)

Award: see the website

Overview:The fund, founded in 2010, is granted all costs of university training to outstanding students who believe that most of them earn an investment of our time and our money.We are looking for high school students last year. Most people never imagine.The selection is based on application tests, followed by personal interviews.

Studies Study Joshua David Gardner

Minimal drama points: 21

SAT Minimum points: 1200

Time: April 30, 2020

Award: $ 2,000

Overview:Joshua David Gardner Memorial Scholarship Endowment, Inc., was founded in June 2006 to provide students who study at historically black universities and universities.

Mike Molino RV Learning Center Study Stipendienprogramm

Act Minimum points: 22

SAT Minimum points: 1050

Term: July 7, 2020

Award: $ 2,500

Overview:The study scholarship program for Mike Milino RV Learning Center encourages students who are enrolled at College 2020-2021 price of $ 2,500.The program offers financial support to promote the next generation of managers in the motorhome industry.Therefore, an important factor for the granting The scholarship is the employment history of the motorhome sector or the desire to work in the trailer business after completing the college.

Act rated from 26 to 29

The scholarship by Edmund F. Maxwell

Act Minimum points: 26

SAT Minimum points: 1200

Time: April 30, 2020

Award: $ 5,000

Overview:The Maxwell scholarship was founded to help older people at the Washington High School to receive a university formation.For new students who start the potential of being extended for up to three more years in the academic year 2020-21, based on financial needs and adequate advances in the direction of students.A simple extension application is required every year.

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Act rated 30 years or more

Scholarship program for Woodcock Family Education

Minimum drama point: 30

Minimal mathematical score SAT: 680

Term: April 2nd, 2020

Award: $ 10,000

Overview:This fund was in 1993 by the entrepreneur Albuquerque C.E. (Woody) Woodcock and his wife Dixie to support students of exceptional promises in the fields of natural sciences and mathematics.Madeira emphasized that the future of this state and the country depends on the quality of education.

Scholarships based on SAT results

Insurance scholarship

Act Minimum points: 28

SAT Minimum Mathematics Score: 620

Term: opened on November 1, 2020

Award: up to 4,000 US dollars

Overview:The actorial diversity scholarship supports the diversity within the profession through an annual scholarship program for black/Afro Americans, Hispanic students, native of the Pacific America and the Pacific Islands.Academic achievements of basic studies in full timeDefractiveness of a diploma that can lead to a career in the actuator profession.

Don & Sybil Harrington Stipendium

Act Minimum points: 28

Minimum satellite number of points (mathematics + reading/writing): 1300

Frist: 15. May 2020

Award: $ 5,000

Overview:Sybil B. Harrington Trust Curator, who continued Harrington's philanthropic point of view, has set up the Don- and Sybil Harrington scholarship fund in cooperation with the Arizona Community Foundation.The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support to older prominent teaching media with high financial needs in Maricopa County.Visiting the college and Frauharington had a lifelong commitment to improve life throughout the country.Since they were of the opinion, Harrington started their connection with Maricopa County by visiting here in the 1950s.In the 1960s they accepted Phoenix as their second home and donated their art collection to Phoenix Art Museum.In Phoenix, as in Amarillo Examples, Harrington Arthritis Center, Phoenix Zoo, Kaet and the Barrow Neurological Institute are, among other things, that this is worth this.

Detit the path of the scholarship

Minimal drama points: 21

SAT Minimum points: 1500

Term: see site

Award: up to 5,000 US dollars

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Overview:Point the Way Foundation is a non-profitable organization of California, which is dedicated to the support of charity organizations for families and children from local civil and military communities and across the country.Strengthen the fundraising campaigns of the organizations 501 (3).Due to its selected platforms, the way the foundation can present donations directly to military personnel, children and community organizations that require financial support or other funds to support a board of directors has to decide the fiduciary responsibility, which non -benefited organizations inQuestion and are worth receiving donations from Point the Way Foundation and diligently financing Alloca after the mission of the charity.

More scholars for students

Scholarships can be difficult to find for schoolchildren, but luckily we have created other scholarship lists to help them!Just look!

Ifsea dignified scholarship

Term: June 20, 2020

Award: up to 2,500 US dollars

Overview:Ifsea endeavors to help the students pursue a career in the food and hospitality sector.Through our partnership, IFSEA with a worthy scholarship and Kae Debrent Hodges Fund offers scholarships for graduates from the high school, students and students from Professional School.When they are, they are right now.If you start the field or improve your career, options are available for financial help.

Award for driver training initiative

Frist: 1. August 2020

Award: $ 3,000

Overview:This year's rehearsal -sending issue negotiation with the serious effects of a driver.In America, an average of 34,000 people die every year in a row.These are more people who died in a year in the consequences of the direction than the total number of American soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan and fatal to be involved in combat, and underlines the serious consequences, to be negligent on the street.

Fantasy bag with 1,000 US dollars Halloween

Time: October 31, 2020

Concession value: $ 1,000

Overview:Who says that Halloween's costumes were only for children?Will the average American spend 36% of your Halloween budget for costumes for you and your pets?A list of scholarships for the POs and SAT scores (1)on oneA list of scholarships for the POs and SAT scores (2)Fantasy I am oneA list of scholarships for the POs and SAT scores (3)Dressed like AA list of scholarships for the POs and SAT scores (4)Tell us about your favorite -Halloween fantasy that you or your pets used to get a scholarship of $ 1,000 for school or student loan payments.

Unima-USA bag

Term: December 15, 2020

Award: $ 1,000

Overview:The Unima-USA scholarship program is intended to help cover bribes for American dolls, the dolls outside the US form.

BeforeClosure.com scholarship program

Term: December 15, 2020

Award: $ 2,500

Overview:Foreclosure.comContinues to open new paths and offer a scholarship program across the country.

Pokémon Club championship

Term: see site

Concession value: up to 25,000 US dollars

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Overview:Competition against other TCG Pokémon and video players in the Pokémon Championship series!All you have to do is to appear with a valid Pokémon deck or a video game and a video game money that can only cover your college enrolling for a year or two.

We, the student writing competition

Term: April 15, 2020

Award: up to 7,500 US dollars

Overview:The competition is open to all US citizens or legal residents who are not older than 19 years and at the end of the competition period, in which (1) the school in the United States, one of its territories or states or one of the school visits whoSchool attend American Armed Forces School abroad and (2), which are enrolled in the 8 to 12 classes in public, private, religious or charter schools or (3) in a gem or correspondence school, or (4)Or a correspondence school in which have been accepted, or (4) a school program are at home.

Bonito of the annual scholarship of Lightroom Presets

Term: April 15, 2020

Award: $ 500

Overview:Beautiful Mayor of Lightroom recognize the importance of university formation and the role that she plays in our personal and professional fulfillment.That is why we are very pleased to continue our beautiful fore -finals for the annual scholarship of 500 US dollars.This scholarship offers college and college students.Opportunity to make money to promote your training and achieve your goals!

Bolsa LGBTQ Foundation

Term: April 29, 2020

Award: see the website

Overview:Registration is usually accepted from January to April.Decisions are usually made in July.The program is older gays, lesbians, lesbians, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people who meet the prescribed criteria.Family members and mentors are encouraged to work with candidates to ensure that their programs are completed.

Scholarship "You deserve"

Term: April 29, 2020

Award: $ 1,000

Overview:Our mission at scholarship ship with the payment of students for college and facilitating scholarships and cheaper.For this we created our own scholarship, the scholarship.This scholarship is one of the hundreds in our bank details to which students on which the students are one of the hundreds of our bank details can be justified.

The Shawn Carter scholarship fund

Time: April 30, 2020

Award: see the website

Overview:The Shawn Carter scholarship fund (SCSF) was founded in the conviction that a individually motivated person should have the opportunity to promote their training.Increased college access and success motivated for many young adults, but without care.The educational institution for all students who qualify annually from admission to the conclusion and again apply for Carter scientists have to "repay" the community service and to serve as mentors for younger and aspiring scholars to Shawn Carter.

IWSH study bag competition

Time: April 30, 2020

Award: $ 1,000

Overview:IWSH serves as a channel for international sanitary and hygiene community with a specific focus of the role of the sanitary industry in community collaborations and the exchange of education.

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