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While the most popular sites (there aren't many) are known and used by the vast majority of people, there are many less popular and interesting sites that can help you with just about anything.

Yes, you get what I mean. Think about everything you want to achieve or whatever use you need. There is a website that can help you with that.

So why haven't you known about it for so many years? As mentioned earlier, these sites are not very well known and the names are hard to guess. Don't conclude that they are low level just because they are unknown. You will be surprised how skilled they are.

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15 Funniest Websites You Probably Didn't Know (Including Videos) - LearnWoo (2)

It's considered a "micro-task" site where you do small, one-time activities pretty quickly, which they call "jobs."fiveis the world's largest digital services marketplace where people or businesses can find freelancers with the talent they need.

The $5 per job price that originally spawned this term is now just a starting point; each job can cost up to $995. You can offer a variety of services on Fiverr, from professionally trained services to odd jobs such as shooting a humorous movie in costume, singing whatever song you want, and joking around with someone.

time and date

15 Funniest Websites You Probably Didn't Know (Including Videos) - LearnWoo (3)

headquarterstime and dateLocated not far from Stavanger, Norway, where dedicated employees manage and maintain the No. 1 time and time zone website in the world. The site facilitates organization at work and at home by providing reliable, free online services.

The German and Norwegian time and date websites timeanddate.de and timeanddate.no offer the same high level of accuracy and reliability as the English websites. You can also access their stuff on your phone or tablet as they develop apps for iOS and Android.


15 Funniest Websites You Probably Didn't Know (Including Videos) - LearnWoo (4)

Use a cloud-based whiteboard platformblackboardOrganizations can coordinate teamwork and share responsibilities among geographically dispersed members. It allows users to generate and present ideas using various drawing or editing tools including pencil, eraser, etc. Employees can create custom user profiles by adding names and titles on the whiteboard.

With Witeboard, companies can transform the user experience by choosing a theme that fits specific needs, using shape recognition to detect unusual shapes, and adding additional drawing boards.

fight for everyone or just for me

15 Funniest Websites You Probably Didn't Know (Including Videos) - LearnWoo (5)

Users can use thefor everyone or just for metool. This web page determines whether the downtime applies to everyone or just you.

For example, if Google won't load or won't allow you to sign in, you can check if Google is turned off just for you or for everyone. When the server checks this, the platform will notify you if it is disabled. It may be helpful to know if the problem affects everyone or just your ISP or your local region.

camel camel camel

15 Funniest Websites You Probably Didn't Know (Including Videos) - LearnWoo (6)

camel camel camelis a website that records the cost of items purchased through Amazon. Cosmic Shovel Inc. was founded in 2008 by Daniel Green. In 2015, it was voted the most popular price tracker by Lifehacker readers.

Apparently CamelCamelCamel has stopped tracking product costs at Amazon's request.

Educational content

15 Funniest Websites You Probably Didn't Know (Including Videos) - LearnWoo (7)

Affiliated with Autodesk,Educational contentis a site focused on user-submitted and created DIY projects. It was launched in August 2005 and was designed by Eric Wilhelm and Saul Griffith. To develop a series of projects, members of Instructables work together step by step. Often accompanied by visual aids, users post instructions for their projects, which are then discussed in threaded forums and in the comment section that appears below each instructable step.

Instructables launched a "Pro" membership in June 2009, which costs $2 to $4 per month. Users with curated content receive three months of free Pro membership. Earn a free one-year Pro membership when content appears on the homepage or wins a contest.


15 Funniest Websites You Probably Didn't Know (Including Videos) - LearnWoo (8)

unwindis a website where you can find stock photos. Unsplash is one of the best-known sources of stock photography; the images can be found on thousands of websites, blogs and articles. There are several sites that offer stock photos, but Unsplash often beats the competition due to its large library and high-quality images. Beginning photographers can easily submit their work for publication on Unsplash, but they don't get paid for it.

Unsplash will remain unchanged for users until October 2022, when it was acquired by Getty Images in 2021. Later, the company launched Unsplash+, a premium version of the site.

this person does not exist

15 Funniest Websites You Probably Didn't Know (Including Videos) - LearnWoo (9)

Software engineer Philip Wang created this sitethis person does not exist. The site has only one page that alternates the faces of different users. However, the people depicted are not real. Instead, these fake but strangely recognizable faces were all generated by a generative hostile network (GAN), a unique type of artificial intelligence algorithm. The site's creator, Philip Wang, wanted to demonstrate the power of GANs and how easily artificial intelligence (AI) can disguise fake images for real images.

10 minutes post

15 Funniest Websites You Probably Didn't Know (Including Videos) - LearnWoo (10)

Worried about your inbox being flooded with spam? Provides a free instant email address that self-destructs after ten minutes10 minutes post. Many Internet-based tasks today require the use of email. However, if you give your real address to anyone who asks, you risk receiving spam. You can avoid all this by simply using a direct and self-destructing 10-minute email address.


15 Funniest Websites You Probably Didn't Know (Including Videos) - LearnWoo (11)

The world's smartest math calculator,Matthew, can handle algebra, graphing, calculus and more! You get unlimited access to math solutions on Mathway, making understanding challenging ideas easier. You can get step-by-step answers to math homework by taking a picture of a math problem or typing a question.

Students can use Mathway to get the tools they need to understand and complete math tasks. Mathway is the #1 source for parents, teachers and students to answer questions, with millions of users and billions of problems solved.

Butterick's practical typography

15 Funniest Websites You Probably Didn't Know (Including Videos) - LearnWoo (12)

Using typography can improve the first impression. Your main points can be enhanced with typography. Typography keeps readers interested longer. When you neglect typography, you miss opportunities to increase the impact of your work.

Butterick's practical typographyProvide users with useful typography based on the type of content they want to publish.

to write

15 Funniest Websites You Probably Didn't Know (Including Videos) - LearnWoo (13)

If you are a blogger or own a blogging business then you should definitely consider owning this tool.to writeIt is a proficient word frequency counter. Copy and paste your content onto a website and you will be presented with full statistics on how often each word is used in that sentence.

With the help of this tool, you can analyze overused words and replace them with synonyms to improve your writing.

printer friendly

15 Funniest Websites You Probably Didn't Know (Including Videos) - LearnWoo (14)

Making paper copies of useful and informative web pages has long been a challenge for people. Web pages are optimized for printingprinter friendlyClean up and format. By removing ads, navigation and other elements from online pages, PrintFriendly helps you print documents using less paper and ink. It's perfect for use at home, at work, or when you want to print a web page. PrintFriendly is also very easy to use; you just need to enter the URL and you get the same printable document.

YouTube time machine

15 Funniest Websites You Probably Didn't Know (Including Videos) - LearnWoo (15)

You will find your favorite audio and video content from 1860 to the presentYouTube time machinee. YTTM's user interface is second to none. You can select a year by dragging the marker along the timeline and you'll see a random video from that year. You can choose to filter by video games, TV, commercials, current affairs, sports and movies. Even users can upload videos to the site for others to watch later.

manual library

15 Funniest Websites You Probably Didn't Know (Including Videos) - LearnWoo (16)

Product manuals for all types of equipment can be found for freemanual library. When you start typing a product name in the simple search box, matching results are suggested. The site also offers the option to print specific pages or download the entire guide.


After going through that list, I'm sure you're considering one or two of these for your business or personal use. Either way, I'm sure these less popular, but fun and useful sites will help you in ways you never thought possible.

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